We are a family company with a multigenerational tradition in growing plants. Our company deals in the production and sale of the highest quality plant material. The origins of our nursery date back to 1970. Over the years, thanks to our passion and huge commitment, we have managed to expand our nursery. Currently, our nursery covers an area of 35 hectares.


We specialize in the production of deciduous and coniferous trees and shrubs. We also have a wide range of perennials, grasses, roses and plants grafted on the stump. 

Our offer is addressed to shops, garden centers, landscape architects and companies arranging green areas - throughout Poland, as well as to the west and east of Europe.


We specialize in the production of deciduous and coniferous trees and shrubs. We also have a wide range of perennials, grasses, roses and plants grafted on the stump. We are constantly introducing new plants to our production, verified as far as their resistance to frost and other external conditions.

We attain high production quality due to collection of seeds and gaining of seedlings from our own carefully selected nurseries, growing plants and seedlings on a high quality substrate, fertilizing with “Osmocote” fertilizers and preparations, forming, caring and protecting against pests by carefully selected and responsible employees who have been working in our company for many years.

We try to keep up to date with the trends and standards that prevail in the global gardening market to provide our clients with interesting plants in a wide range. For many years our best advisor was the market – we have never ignored the opinions and hints of our customers. Due to this we have managed to reach the present status of our company: of a  well recognised and credible supplier of highest quality products.



  • land of the total area of 35 ha

  • container cultivation with the area of 11.5 ha

  •  23 foil tunnels 

  • shadow cultivation with the area of 2000 m2

  •  soil-grown cultivations with the area of 18 ha

  • varied mechanical equipment

  • professional automated three-stands loading area.


The beginnings of our nursery reach back the year 1970 when Jan Bigoszyński-Łazucki, on a leased plot of land with the area of 1.4 ha at ‘Placówka’ in Warsaw started to grow roses and decorative broadleaved shrubs and trees  under the supervision of the master and partner Zygmunt Terpiński. In 1975 he transferred the production to Łomianki near Warsaw and to Jasieniec near Grójec. In Łomianki, on the plot of land with the area of 1.2 ha he produced lilacs, roses, tulips and cherries, and in Jasieniec  on 4 ha land he started to produce roses for greenhouse cultivation. The choice of that location was based on a family tradition, unlimited investment opportunities, easiness to find qualified staff and convenient location near international roads and important agglomerations. 


In 1983 the first outbuilding was built in Jasieniec. Three years later the wife of Jan, Maria Bigoszyńska-Łazucka joined the company, an architect, who made all the designs of the buildings and infrastructure and who introduced all kinds of innovations in the nursery. Our nursery in Jasieniec was developed, its area was increased to 31 ha. In 1987 first foil tunnels appeared and a fully professional production of decorative broadleaved shrubs from green seedlings was started. In 1993 we started production of plants in containers which has been continuously developed.


In 2001 daughter of the owners Katarzyna Łazucka-Cegłowska joined the company, educated as landscape architect, who apart from designing of gardens, exhibitions and other places with green plants, engaged strongly into development of wholesale sale both in Poland and abroad. In 2004 the company was also joined by Katarzyna’s husband, Dariusz Cegłowski, educated as IT specialist, who was managing a fast developing export section and from 2014, garden centre "Multiplanta" allowing retail clients to purchase plants, fertilisers and other garden products. The current owners of the nursery are Dariusz and Katarzyna Cegłowscy. Everyone, both the owners and employees of the Łazuccy nursery, make every effort to popularise our activities, and above all the topics related to plants, their planting, nurturing, cutting, fertilising and protection.


We are among the founding members of the Polish Nurserymen Association. Katarzyna Łazucka has been selling plants for the Polish and foreign markets for 17 years. She has many years of experience in providing training for companies in the horticultural industry. She is a frequent guest of polish television programs such as „Rok w ogrodzie”, „Tydzień w Ogrodzie”, „Kawa czy Herbata”, „Pytanie na Śniadanie” in which with hugde commitment she has been promoting individual plant species, as well as the very idea of using plants more often at home, on balconies and terraces or in workplaces, and in public space. Katarzyna Łazucka - Cegłowska is the author of press publications and a speaker at many conferences and workshops. Co-author of the book "„Catalogue of Broadleaved Plants”" Since 2016, she has been a member of the Board of the Polish Nurserymen Association, where she is currently the representative of the board in the Mazovia region.

Dariusz Cegłowski
Owner &
Export Manager

tel. +48 48 661 35 63


Magdalena Jóźwiak
Manager for
Domestic Sales

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tel. +48 48 661 35 63 


Iwona Stępień-Krzejszczak 
Sales Representative 
for Export Sales

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Katarzyna Łazucka-Cegłowska
Owner &
Company executive

tel. +48 48 661 35 63


Dorota Stein
Sales Representative 
for Domestic Sales

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Agnieszka Strupińska
Sales Representative 
for Domestic Sales

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