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Róże ogrodowe

Garden roses

General information about roses

Roses are the most willingly planted garden plant. They provide enchantment to the garden due to the variety of forms and the possibility to use. Roses delight us with flower colour but also with intense smell. They form a continuously colourful accent in our garden. A majority of varieties are recommended also as cut flowers for vases and other compositions due to beautiful buds structure.

Roses do not like places which are particularly warm and dry, for example at the southern wall of the house. They like warm and the sun , however, too much sunlight reduce their resistance to diseases and pests. The sun makes them bloom and shed blossom sooner, and is not good for the flower color. The best place for their growth is the place shielded against the wind.

The soil, before planting, should be carefully dug down to 40 cm, but no fertilizers or compost should be added. Soil poor in humus should be supplied with natural fertilizer, wet peat or compost. Roses grow best on argillaceous-clayish soils with many nutrient components, slightly acidified 5,5 – 6,5 pH. Before planting,  a container with the plant should be placed in the water bucket so that the roots with soil are soaked with water. We should dig a hole 2cm deep in the previously prepared substrate. We take off the container and place the roots with soil in the hole, cover with soil and water abundantly. After the water soaks, we supplement the soil in the hole. Special care should be taken when cutting the roses. Proper cutting will ensure development of the shrub and repeated blooming during the vegetation season. The strength of each sprout and the growth of the entire plant should be taken into account when cutting. Strong sprouts should be shortened to the height of 5 eyes, week sprouts – to 2-3 eyes counting from the bottom to the top. Lean and dry sprouts should be cut.

It is very important for roses to secure them against frost. The roots and the lower part of the sprouts should be covered with a soil mound up to the height of the 4th eye. The remaining above ground part should be secured against drying with corrugated cardboard or jute.

In the pot or without  a pot?

Growing of plants in the pots on balconies and terraces is very popular in cities. Roses on the terrace or balcony grow equally well as in the garden under the condition that the adequate quantity of fertilizer and water is supplied.

Roses in pots can be stored during winter in a dark room in temperature 4-8 oC or on the balcony provided they are properly secured against frost. Before the first frost the pot should be watered abundantly and wrapped with a straw mat or with an old blanket. The above ground part should be secured with corrugated cardboard or jute. Roses stored during winter in the room and outside should be given water so as to keep the substrate humid and avoid make the plant too dry.

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